• Platinum Fancy Yellow Radiant-Cut Micro-Pave Diamond Ring


    BSJ-80275. Platinum Fancy Yellow Radiant-Cut and Round Brilliant Micro-Pave Diamond Ring.

    Center Stone:

    Weight: 8.02 cts.

    Shape and Cutting Style:  Octagonal Outline Square Modified Brilliant ("Radiant")

    Color: FY

    Color Distribution: Even

    Color Origin: Natural

    Clarity: VVS-2 

    Girdle: Medium to Thick

    Polish: Good

    Symmetry: Good 

    Culet: None

    Fluorescence: None

    Measurements: 12.11 x 12.05 x 7.04mm

    Depth Percentage: 58.4%

    Table Percentage: 63%

    Length to Width Ratio: 1:1

    GIA Certificate: Yes

    Smaller Diamonds:

    Number: 154

    Weight: .54 cts.

    Color: F to G range

    Clarity: VS to SI range

    The ring size (shown) is: 6.5. The lovely ring is polished to a bright finish.