Custom Designed

Our Jewelry Collection consists of hand-selected designs, which are unique, and not quite so traditional.  Sometimes, we need to splurge for that extravagant piece that just says, "Distinction."  We love that our Collection exhibits a little something for everyone!

In a “bricks and mortar” environment; the jeweler and the client sit across from one another to have a “meeting of the minds” about a design proposal. Obviously, in the e-commerce world, such a physical meeting is impossible; but, having worked on the Internet since April of 2002 – we have had success in meeting the needs of our “Special Order” customers in a slightly different way.

Our clients may:

Submit a photograph of a particular piece of jewelry that they would like replicated. We request – if possible – to submit a variety of views. If the article is a ring; please forward a ring size. As photographs are rarely submitted “to scale”; please give us an idea of dimensions – preferably in millimeters.

Some of our clients are adept at sketching. Please feel free to remit that, as is done with photographs.

Please tell us what stones that you wish to be used in your design and/or quality and size specifications – if known. Please be specific about which metal that you would wish for us to employ (Platinum, 14 Karat Yellow Gold, 14 Karat White Gold, 18 Karat Yellow Gold, 14 Karat White Gold - as a few examples).   

You can find information about Diamonds and Precious Metals on our Jewelry Guide Page.

You may forward your information via e-mail or “snail mail.” After our perusal; we will contact you – and go from there!

If you wish to explore creating an exceptional custom piece, please call (757) 353-8866, or send an e-mail to