SOLD ~ 14 Karat White Gold Multi-Color Suite of Sapphires and Diamond Bracelet ~ SOLD


EJ-SapSuiteBrac19.20. 14 Karat White Gold Suite of Oval Sapphires (Multi-Color) and Round Brilliant Diamond Bracelet. 

Average millimeter of Oval Sapphires; 4.00 x 6.00mm

Average millimeter of Round Brilliant Diamonds: 3.00mm

Number of Sapphires: 24

Number of Diamonds: 24 

Approximate Weight by Formula (Sapphires): 16.80 cts.

Approximate Weight by Formula (Diamonds): 2.40 cts.

Bracelet Width: 5.70mm

Bracelet Weight: 24.00 grams

Finish: Polished

Fastening: Tongue and Groove with a Figure 8 Safety

Bracelet Length: 7-1/8 inches

Assumed Era: 1980s

Condition: Excellent

Assumed Retail: $11,375.00