• Superior Quality Akoya Cultured Pearl Bracelet with 14 Karat Yellow Gold Clasp


    BSJB-115. Superior Quality, Gorgeous, Japanese Cultured Pearl ("Akoya") Bracelet with a 14 Karat Yellow Gold Box Clasp.

    We sort and select our Pearls, and string them with knots. It is a meticulous process. These are NOT the freshwater "knock-off" Chinese pearls that you see at the mall.

    Number of Pearls: 22

    Millimeter: 7.00mm - 7.50mm

    Transitions: Smooth and Uniform

    Shape: Round

    Driller: On-Center

    Nacre: Lustrous / Mirror Reflections

    Primary Hue: White

    Secondary Hue (Overtone): Rose

    Blemish: 90 % Blemish-Free